Is This the Time to Invest in Japan’s Periphery?

These days, city overpopulation is far from being a rare phenomenon. That said, surprisingly, the most extreme overpopulation case comes from a highly developed country: Japan’s capital, Tokyo. Home to 37 million (about 30% of the country’s population), Tokyo’s overpopulation is a real headache to Japanese legislators. For this reason, they recently declared a 1 million yen (~8000$) incentive, per child, to any family that agrees to leave the capital and move to less-populated areas. Does this mean that it’s a good idea to invest in Japan’s periphery real estate? If you ask me, the answer is somewhat complex. [Read More]

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Renewable Energy

As we speak, energy prices are rising at an alarming rate. This can be attributed to many causes: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the energy sanctions Russia implemented on European countries, and the depletion of natural resources. In turn, the surging energy prices also have quite a lot to do with worldwide inflation, and I don’t believe I need to tell you why that’s a major problem. This grim reality may have been the main driving force for the recent report by the IEA (International Energy Agency) stating that the renewable energy capacity is set to be doubled in the... [Read More]

Inflation May Be a Hedge for Real Estate Investors, but Also an Opportunity

The OECD recently officially announced that Europe is headed toward an economic downturn, but, truth be told, we have been feeling this for a long time. As our money is, slowly but steadily, losing its value, and many big companies are firing employees en masse, you just can’t ignore the macro effect of the war in Ukraine and the long-term after-effects of the COVID crisis. Real estate investors, of course, are likely to be highly affected by this recession, too. However, I believe that with a proper understanding of the situation, they can channel this crisis to their benefit.   [Read More]

What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From the Mistakes of Meta?

Lately, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) experienced yet another blow to its already wounded wings when UK regulators blocked their 400 million dollar Giphy deal. Whether you are a fan of this corporation or not, it’s hard to deny that Mark Zuckerberg’s life work is in decline. Some even call its renaissance a flop already. Are they right? Or is it too early to determine that? It’s hard to tell. The certain thing is that anyone can pick up a lesson or two from the conduct of Meta and Zuckerberg so far.  [Read More]

Laying Employees Off Is Never Easy, but It Can Be Easier

A few days ago I heard that Sea, a big e-commerce company, decided on cutting back dozens of jobs and that it’s not the first time this year that they do it. Technology-oriented companies have been laying off employees in large numbers in the last year or so. Witnessing this brought me to think about one of the most hated tasks that managers have to do from time to time - downsizing a bunch of employees at the same time. Letting an employee go isn’t easy for an employer, not to mention for the employee themselves.  Having said that, can... [Read More]

Afraid of Investing in Taiwan Right Now? Allow Me to Calm You Down

There’s probably no way you didn’t hear about the recent visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the USA’s house of representatives, to Taiwan. Although it’s not the first time that China threatens military actions against the adjacent island nation, it seems that as the years pass, the Chinese tone against Taiwan is getting more and more aggressive. This might frighten those who have invested their capital in Taiwan, and lead to them diverting their funds elsewhere, to a safer and more stable destination. Is this the right move, given the current tense situation?  [Read More]

Leadership in the Workplace

Every team needs a leader. It doesn’t matter if we’re discussing a sports team, a political party, or a business. Having said that, what is leadership in the workplace? This term actually refers to the ability to manage and supervise a company and its employees. It refers to the ability of an individual to inspire their workers to perform better and enhance efficiency in a way that will result in the company’s success. It’s not a secret that not all employers are good leaders. In this case, can one become a better leader in the workplace? [Read More]

The Transportation Renaissance Is Here, and It’s a Paradise for Investors

Following Singapore, San Diego, Milan, and other major cities, Tel-Aviv has recently joined the club of cities imposing a toll for entering it with a private car. This decision by the Israeli government is yet to be implemented, but it indeed indicates a significant worldwide shift in transportation policies. The world’s population is growing at an exponential rate, and more and more vehicles swarm the cities, creating massive traffic bottlenecks and polluting our air. As the need for alternative transportation solutions grows, this is probably a good time to review some startups that target this issue.  [Read More]

The Real Estate Market of Croatia is Flourishing. This is Why.

We live in the information age, a time when knowledge is available to all at a mouse click away. This fact has changed our lives completely, and it sure did affect real estate markets. Nowadays, if you learn something useful, online or offline, be sure you aren’t the first one to know it. Therefore, it gets increasingly harder to find high-potential real estate assets at an affordable cost. Here is another secret that is no longer one: The real estate market of Croatia is booming, but it’s yet to be extensively utilized by real estate investors. [Read More]

Simple ways to promote your business

I have never met an entrepreneur who said that starting a business was easy for them. Even if you already have the equity capital, a large number of challenges still lie ahead of you. In a world where small businesses tend to collapse due to the power of worldwide brands and corporates, it’s easy to be pessimistic, and maybe give up hope in advance, even if you have a great product, idea, or service to offer. [Read More]