The Hottest Cooling Solutions for a More Sustainable Future

Last July was the hottest month in history on record, and apparently, this is only the promo for an even warmer future. Will electrical systems be able to withstand the increasing demand for air conditioning? Well, this question has been a concern of many innovators in recent years. And let me tell you - nowadays, there are quite a few innovative air conditioning solutions out there, just waiting to boom.  [Read More]

Extreme Weather Is a Danger to Investments - but Also an Opportunity

This summer has been disastrous to the environment so far. Just recently we heard about the horrible wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes in British Columbia, Canada. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Wildfires have already torched Hawaii, Sardinia, and a vast portion of Australia’s coasts. Floods, droughts, and tropical storms are now routine. All of these have a vast impact on the economy, and of course - on your investments. But how, exactly? And what opportunities may this situation open up in front of you, if at all?  [Read More]

Being Innovative Means Never Ever Resting on Your Laurels

Pixar, the world-famous animation studio, emerged into our lives (movie-wise) almost 30 years ago. It was highly successful, innovative, and the movies were entertaining for a long time. But something is just not working for Pixar these days. Its most recent movies, such as ‘Elemental’, aren’t nearly as successful as the company’s blockbusters. Why is this happening? Well, in this fast-changing world, even innovative minds may fall behind if they - if I may - rest on their laurels. Isn’t that the most common trap for the entrepreneurial mind?  [Read More]

The AI Revolution has Just Begun - What Should We Be Expecting?

It has recently been published that Open AI’s CEO Sam Altman asked the EU for softer AI regulations. Some people may find this request scary, an additional reason to fear Artificial Intelligence. Others may see it as another step towards a more fantastic future. So, which is it, then? I think the best way to help you make up your mind is to tell you about some AI technologies that will enter our lives in the years to come. Let’s take a journey into the future! [Read More]

Still Have Money Invested in Argentina? Here’s What You Can Do

Recent news from Argentina, which is going through a phase of drastic inflation, is quite disturbing - the local government has recently issued a new, 2000 peso bill - which is currently worth 8.5 USD (!). Well, it’s not a secret that this South American country is going through rough times. It’s also not a secret that many investors pulled their capital out of it, for the sake of safer havens. That said, not ALL investors have done so quite yet. If you are among them, what should be your next step?    [Read More]

How to Maintain Your Company’s Reputation in the Digital Age

Maintaining a business’ reputation is a non-stop task. You don’t need me to tell you that. However, these days it’s way more demanding than ever. In the never-stopping stream of information via Facebook, Google, and the likes, things can easily go out of hand for you. Negative information about your brand can be spread like wildfire, regardless of whether it is credible or not - and this will most likely have an impact on your revenue in no time. So, how can a business’ reputation be maintained in this climate? [Read More]

Deep Concentration is Possible Even in a Startup’s office. This Is How

The Israeli Medical Association has recently given, for the first time, official recommendations regarding children’s daily ‘screen time’. One of these is to prevent children under the age of 11 from using the social media platform Tiktok. According to the association, this platform is extremely harmful to children’s brains, especially their ability to concentrate. That said, not only children are finding it harder to focus these days. The modern work environment makes it practically impossible to concentrate. What can be done about this?  [Read More]

Why Is Art Priced As It Is - And Why Is It Important to Know This?

Lately, an art collector sold a painting in an auction for 3.1 million USD, after purchasing it for a mere 600$. Well, it had actually been created by the famous 17th-century painter Anthony van Dyck, but the man who had sold it to the art collector obviously had not known that. I assume he’s not very happy right now. That said, art pricing is indeed quite a mystery. In a world in which bored ape toons are sold for even higher sums, how are art (or so-called ‘art’) prices determined? Can investors detect art trends before they become ridiculously expensive?... [Read More]

Is This the Time to Invest in Japan’s Periphery?

These days, city overpopulation is far from being a rare phenomenon. That said, surprisingly, the most extreme overpopulation case comes from a highly developed country: Japan’s capital, Tokyo. Home to 37 million (about 30% of the country’s population), Tokyo’s overpopulation is a real headache to Japanese legislators. For this reason, they recently declared a 1 million yen (~8000$) incentive, per child, to any family that agrees to leave the capital and move to less-populated areas. Does this mean that it’s a good idea to invest in Japan’s periphery real estate? If you ask me, the answer is somewhat complex. [Read More]

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Renewable Energy

As we speak, energy prices are rising at an alarming rate. This can be attributed to many causes: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the energy sanctions Russia implemented on European countries, and the depletion of natural resources. In turn, the surging energy prices also have quite a lot to do with worldwide inflation, and I don’t believe I need to tell you why that’s a major problem. This grim reality may have been the main driving force for the recent report by the IEA (International Energy Agency) stating that the renewable energy capacity is set to be doubled in the... [Read More]