When people think of prominent startup cities, they may think of the Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, or Sydney. While all of those are distinguished cities with fascinating stories, Poland is blazing a trail as the start-up hub of the future.

Poland can provide start-up companies with some impressive benefits. On top of this, the country is gorgeous and is relatively affordable. These factors make it one of the better places to live in Europe, and one of the thriving start-up cities in Europe.

If you are looking to start a business in Europe, do not overlook Poland. This unique country offers a great balance between a high quality of life and the resources needed to create a thriving business. My name is Ofir Bar, and I have been investing in digital entrepreneuring for quite a while now. I can tell you that my eye has been on Poland recently, for a few good reasons. Here are four reasons why Poland may be the perfect location for the next innovative start up.

Lower Taxes

Poland offers lower taxes than other countries in Europe. Its 19% corporate tax makes it the lowest in Eastern and Central Europe - very comfortable for new small businesses. This is a competitive advantage for Polish-based businesses, but not only, since when companies move operations to Poland, they can immediately save money on taxes and cut costs.

In addition, the country does not impose many taxes on its citizens. Most citizens pay less than 10% of their income to the government, making living in general much more affordable. Any money earned in Poland will go a long way towards quality of life.

Skilled Labor

Poland boasts a skilled and educated workforce who is just waiting for the right employer. For instance, the country has over 50,000 IT specialists today, and over 500,000 graduates enter the workforce each year. They also have some of the highest skilled workers on the market.

On top of this, Poland has an outstanding IT and startup ecosystem in place. Krakow and Warsaw are two of the most well-known tech cities in Europe. In fact, Poland was ranked #3 as the best startup hub in the globe.

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Low Living Costs

Poland is one of the more affordable countries in Europe to live in. The salaries can stretch farther there than in other European countries since everything costs less - from the groceries at the supermarket to the gas you fill at the station.

However, that does not mean you are missing out on entertainment. Krakow and Warsaw are phenomenal cities with plenty of opportunities for ambitious people. In these cities, you can find tons of activities such as festivals, nightclubs, sports, social events, galleries, and more - all at affordable prices.

Endless Access to Investment and Opportunities

Poland presents one of the best start-up ecosystems in Europe. It has a long-standing relationship with foreign investors, a steady government, efficient IT infrastructure, an educated workforce, and a thriving technology scene. With all of these important pillars in place, the country provides all the resources a business needs, and its cities possess a great future for itself as a start-up country.

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Most importantly, the country is striving to remain a low-tax destination and seeks to provide further initiatives to help businesses grow and thrive. Even in spite of this, Poland has not become too heavily influenced by big corporations or bureaucracy—something that many countries have struggled with after the fall of communism.

Most nations are trying to implement remarkably similar policies, but Poland is ahead of the curve and willing to make some bold strides that catch attention on an international scale. That is why they have become one of the best tech-based startup countries.