I’m Ofir. Born and raised in Israel, where my passion for real estate developed. As a young man, I enjoyed looking at the different types of architecture the rich scenery of Israel had to provide.

As I grew older, I started to learn about the value and stability that came along with the ownership of the real estate. It was a match made in heaven. I decided that as soon as I could, I would start investing in real properties.

My career as a real estate investor started with my first purchase in Israel. After turning a profit, I continued to expand my portfolio of investment properties in the region before moving to the United Kingdom in search of more business opportunities.

I also made investments in South Africa. My most successful investment in the region has been a basic materials mine that consistently generates profits.

Today, I own a portfolio of several properties across Israel, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. I’m also always looking for more opportunities to continue the expansion of his impressive portfolio of properties across these regions and around the world.

If you have a tip on a hot real estate investment, and are interested in sharing it- Contact me by using the form at the bottom of this page or the information on the Contact page.

Real Estate aside, what else?

Aside from always looking for the next opportunity to turn a profit on real estate, I’m an active member of real estate communities that are commonly spotted at various community events. I am also a bit of an outdoorsman. Finding joy in hiking, going to the beach, and various outdoor activities are quite fulfilling. Beyond outdoor activities, I love going to shows and other events that showcase the talents of those within the community. Whether it be a play, a concert, or even a UFC fight, I enjoy watching experts perform their art.