5 Entrepreneur-Friendly Cities

The booming eCommerce industry has eased the hustling process of setting up a startup anywhere in the world; you don’t need to worry about which city is ideal for your business. Having said that, certain cities might still prove to be better places when you consider your business in the long run. [Read More]

Is Your Company’s Website Safe?

Building a website for your business or startup has never been simpler, and it’s also a very effective tool for getting recognized, especially if your company is young. That’s why it’s no surprise that many are rushing to design a website and get noticed. However, often website security is neglected, mainly a result of inexperience. Website hacks and breaches have been on the rise in 2021 and the primary target has been exactly these small websites that are often unsecured. [Read More]

How Will Climate Change Affect the Real Estate Market?

Climate change is starting to have a very noticeable impact across the globe. The rise in temperature and the increased chance of fire and floods have turned former dream real estate hotspots, such as the forests and mountains of California, into abandoned and unattractive venues. My name is Ofir Bar, and in the two decades that I have been investing in real estate, I have witnessed quite a few phenomena that have affected the real estate market, mainly for the short term. This one, however, seems to have implications for the long term as well. Let’s take a look at... [Read More]

Afraid of Investing in Taiwan Right Now? Allow Me to Calm You Down

There’s probably no way you didn’t hear about the recent visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the USA’s house of representatives, to Taiwan. Although it’s not the first time that China threatens military actions against the adjacent island nation, it seems that as the years pass, the Chinese tone against Taiwan is getting more and more aggressive. This might frighten those who have invested their capital in Taiwan, and lead to them diverting their funds elsewhere, to a safer and more stable destination. Is this the right move, given the current tense situation?  [Read More]

These are Signs You Should Run Away from a Local Real Estate Market

The past year has been rife with pitfalls in investment, and that’s not limited to the real estate market. 2020 has seen the global economy tumble down to its lowest in recent history, and it wasn’t hard to see why investing in a local real estate market was not the best idea out there. Having said that, this current year is seeing a marked improvement. [Read More]

All Eyes on Egypt: Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate in the Land of the Pharaohs

To be honest, when people think of investing in real estate, Egypt is probably not the first place that comes to mind - or maybe not even one of the first 50 places. However, this African nation holds a lot of potential for real estate. Like many other developing nations, Egypt is seen by investors as a current ‘hot-spot’, but is it really one, or is it just a buzz and no more than that? [Read More]

Was 2020 a ‘Lost Year’ for Entrepreneurship?

There’s still much we don’t know about the effects of the ‘year of the pandemic’ on our lives and our futures. This statement is even more relevant financially speaking since the true aftermath of the global economic crisis is yet to be felt. Right now, governments around the world are still using existing and non-existing funds to help markets keep running - but what happens when that strategy runs out of time? [Read More]